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If you have received a Union County traffic citation, speeding ticket, or any other moving violation in Monroe, call us today for a free consultation from a Union County traffic ticket lawyer. At Nosal & Jeter, LLP, we represent both North Carolina residents and non-residents with Union County speeding tickets, driving while license revoked, reckless driving, and other traffic violations.

If you were pulled for a Monroe speeding ticket or on I-74 and are not from the local area, having to appear in Union County District Court in Monroe can be a major inconvenience. Many North Carolina traffic tickets require a mandatory court appearance; however, in most cases we can appear on your behalf, so you do not have to go to court.

Call a Union County Traffic attorney for a free consultation and we will explain your options and recommend a course of action. When you call, you will speak to a Union County speeding ticket lawyer who understands Union County traffic offenses and how they affect your license and insurance. We are available evenings and weekends. Call anytime.

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